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About our Team! 


We have a group of dedicated individuals who serve on the board and staff.

We also have volunteers who assist with special projects, research topics of

historical significance to the area, produce articles, books, and videos, and

supervise in the maintenance of the building.   

Become a volunteer by contacting the museum's curator, Dawn Sisson, at or call (620) 273-8500

President, Sharon Burton
Vice President, Anna Woods
Treasurers, Steve Dawson & Jamie Pittman
Secretary, Sharon Umholtz
Board members:
Sharon Burton
Anna Woods
Steve Dawson
Vicky Dawson

Jamie Pittman
Sharon Umholtz
Ruth Childs
Tom Thompson
Karla Edmiston
Sue Ann Brown
Frances Alexander

 Dawn Sisson (Curator/Director)
Sharon Umholtz


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